Obscure Tapes - Volume 2

Thrilled to announce that the latest video in our ongoing mix series is now available. This was supposed to come out about a week ago but the holiday season was unexpectedly quite rough this year so it was a bit delayed. You can watch and listen in here or directly on our YouTube channel.


Track Listing

Sunwarper - Parallels - Future Fade


Alpha Chrome Yayo - Life's Washing Machine - Soaking https://alphachromeyayo.bandcamp.com/album/soaking

Electron Odyssey - The Way Forward - Your Future Awaits https://electronodyssey.bandcamp.com/album/your-future-awaits

Sermons by the Devil - Waving Goodbye to the Future - Lineæ occultæ tabulas scripto https://sermonsbythedevil.bandcamp.com/album/line-occult-tabulas-scripto

Survey Channel & Star Madman - Decisions https://starmadman.bandcamp.com/album/decisions-single

The Aquaerials - Dust Bowl - Moonriser


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