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Updated: Jan 19, 2021


Released in early December last year on Civic Duty Records, Cereal Sounds by Nissan: Unstoppable is a very strange album that defies genre definitions. It attempts to combine elements of many different genres together in a way that creates a jarring and unpredictable experience while telling an intriguing story. What is particularly interesting about this album is that if you were to listen to any thirty to sixty seconds of the album in isolation, you might think that you know what to expect from the entire album. However, if you did, you would probably be dead wrong.

While the beginning track “Leaving Alice” give off some hip-hop influenced vibes that seem like the would define the whole album, the following “Excerpt” destroys this illusion with a noise-backed vocal monologue talking about all manner of peculiar subjects such as getting some bangers and mash or being out of your depth and length. And truly, it’s these moments of head-spinning mood switching that defines the whole album.

But the production techniques employed are what really add to this feeling of disorientation. For example, the vocal processing used throughout ranges from spacey and phased out to only slightly modulated. Additionally, the oddest and most abrupt moments seem to happen within an individual track such as in “Dr. Morsecode’s Error” with a strange beep that sounds like the entire track is being edited for content.

All in all, Cereal Sounds is an album that is trying to tell a story of an unpredictable city that is situated in a place that nobody tries to get to, just the kind of place that people sort of find themselves in one day. It is an experiment in the sum of its parts, so I encourage anyone to listen to the entire album all at once. I have listened to this album about five or six times now and I still cannot figure out what is going on here, but I think I like it that way.


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