Matt Atkins - Totem

A meditative trio of tunes that truly takes you to new realms.

With each Totem, tape loops become more central to the composition and the percussion: tenacious; stacking in intensity before the relief of the holistic singing bowls and bells.

It feels as though "Totem 3" is the manifesto for the EP, with 1 and 2 being the evolutionary building blocks that prepare you, before shining the clarity of the closing track. We are gifted with understanding of Matt's message only with full dedication to listening. Something that is very much worth doing by the way.

As we progress through, the wonderful blend of metallic loops and percussive wood, lulls one into a state of mental well being. There's something about such improvised experimentation that brings catharsis as you share in this snapshot of time - Another's creative expression, that will never be seen or heard of quite like this again.

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