Marjorine – “Salton Sea”


Marjorine is a music project from Brooklyn, NY, formed by Nicholas Comaratta. According to Nicholas, his project combines hypnotic psychedelic guitar riffs with rhythmic sequences driven by drum machines and samples. “Salton Sea” was released on April 2, 2021. It’s a very Psychedelic driven tune that contains many of the quintessential elements of the genre. It contains a drone-like quality without much musical variation. Yet, the peaks-and-valleys nature of how it builds up and lets down is brilliantly done. I hear many delightfully tranquil and emotionally moving music passages that kept my undivided attention throughout. There are some very nice guitar textures that build up gradually over bed of lo-fi synths, subdued drums, and a smooth, consistent bassline that has drone-like qualities. There’s just enough distortion on the lead guitars to add energy while complimenting the underlying rhythm guitars – a lush arrangement interweaved with just the right amount of chorus, delay, and reverb. I particularly enjoy how the synths perfectly fit the arrangement without drowning out the chorus laden guitars and the haunting vocals that dominate the arrangement.

Nicholas’s vocals combine a Shoegaze like timbre with a slight Punkish attitude to it; a variety of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Sonic Youth spring to mind on different occasions. He doesn’t try too hard or overdo it in his delivery.In “Salton Sea”, that approach is fitting to the song. I’d be eager to hear what approaches he takes on future material, whether he takes a different approach or sticks to the same style.

I recommend checking out Marjorine’s “Salton Sea”.It’s a well-fitting track which came out just at the right time for the Spring season, in my opinion.Listen while taking a joyride, meditating on the beach, or exploring nature through the woods, fields, or mountains.


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