Marcelo Armani - Eight Steps to Breathe Again


Based in Canoas, Brazil, experimental musician Marcelo Armani (aka. Elefante Branco) is no stranger to creating beautifully strange, different, and unique soundscapes. Having released an abundance of material throughout his career, he has always sought out to tread into obscure, surreal sonic pastures. On his release Eight Steps to Breathe Again, Marcelo strays from the more structured music composition with traditional form that he applied on his effort Thanks for the Photosynthesis. Rather, he embarks on an experimental journey comprised of field recordings, tape loops, and unconventional digital synth patches. The result is alluring, hypnotic, and intriguing. Much of the album comes off like a music score to a movie - perhaps it would be perfectly suitable for a serious documentary or an epic Science Fiction film depicting a deeper philosophical message. "How the Rhythm of the Membrane Modulate Synthesis" fits the aforementioned idea very well, in my opinion, as it can take the listener through a dramatic series of twists and turns while maintaining undivided attention. Some of the moments are a bit more pensive and contemplative. "November Piano" is beautifully composed with a piano being buried under a swirl of static noises that swell in and out like ocean waves progressively losing turbulence as night gives way to dusk. "A Orange Sky After The Rain" is another cinematic piece - dominated by a low-key Cello like melody - that carries a mellow yet suspenseful mood. Closing number "Welcome to a Strange Properties" is a darker, spacy, enigmatic work which contains vocal samples throughout. All in all, Eight Steps to Breathe Again is unlike some of Marcelo Armani's previous efforts. Then again, almost every release he has offers elements and influences that showcase his versatility and his ability to not lock himself down into one sound. If you're looking for some darker soundscapes with a streak of hope and an underlying message to create a better world, then I highly recommend this work. While you're at it, check out his YouTube playlist for Eight Steps to Breathe Again that puts some of these works to some appropriately fitting visuals.


Listen to and download Marcelo Armani - Eight Steps to Breathe Again || Bandcamp Marcelo Armani (Elefante Branco) - Official Site Marcelo Armani on Twitter

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