Malarki - Consequence of Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 5, 2021


Released in mid-March, Consequence of Tomorrow is modular musician Malarki's second release on Oakland-based Errorgrid Records. While not exactly a departure from his previous work, Malarki's latest builds on his sound and advances it into an almost soundtrack territory.

While only being four tracks long, Consequence of Tomorrow is packed full of dark industrial atmospheres that sound as though they could be the score for a new Terminator movie, if they could actually manage to make a good Terminator movie in the current era of movies. The opening track "Message Fault" is a driving, percussive track that morphs and shifts its rhythm ever so slightly throughout to stay engaging but never drifts far from its origin. "Arcane Attractor" gives us a bit more synth-driven action on for the next track, however, a similiar driving percussion enters into the soundscape later and pushes the track forward with an agressive intensity that feels like a rhythmic stomping.

Out of the four tracks on the album, my personal favorite is undoubtedly the third track "Fracture." It's an aggressive track consisting of a tension inducing synth that resembles some strange type of alarm and an intensive machine-gun style rhythm that only begins to abate near the end. This track felt as through it had been quite literally drilled into my head for days and I could not complain. The album end on a schizophrenic note with the the final track "Menace," a wild and fast-paced piece that is reminiscent of a chase scene.

Consequence of Tomorrow is a great sign of what Malarki has to offer in the future. The rhythms on this album are tight and driving, constantly setting a scene of intense action with brief pauses. Each track maintains the pace without ever really letting up, even on somewhat slower tracks such as "Arcane Attractor." I can only hope that Malarki builds on this sound and gives us another fantastic EP like this.


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