Listener Depleted - You Slept, I Didn’t


Released in mid-November, Listener Depleted’s latest album is an emotional and heartfelt journey down one artist’s memory lane. Combining a lo-fi aesthetic, pads that vary between harsh and smooth, and a variety of other unique sounds; You Slept, I Didn’t wordlessly speaks a narrative about all the people who have had an impact on his life and the feelings he associates with them. It is truly a captivating listen that manages to both fade into the background and be at the forefront of the listener's mind at the same time.

The album opens with Colleen, a track with a harsh yet still somewhat soothing sound. The pad that plays throughout the track presents a comforting atmosphere that is simultaneously counteracted by an accompanying sound of a tape that has been played so many times that it has stretched out and is unable to play at the proper speed. This track sets the tone of the first part of the album with Cerk, CIMER, Stephanie, and Albert giving a similarly soothing tone that is paired with the sound of a degraded tape. This creates a slightly uncomfortable feeling that makes one wonder how to feel about the people it is named after.

Track six, Jochem & Stacie is by far my favorite track on the whole album and signifies something of a turning point in the flow of the album. This track presents us with a smoother atmosphere that is filled with deep, swirling pads that are punctuated by a beautiful, oscillating static. From this point on, we are treating to more similar soothing sounds as the harshness fades away.

Throughout the album, the production is wonderfully spacey and full of interestingly treated textures that range from soothing to harsh. In some instances, it sounds as though the pads are coming in through an old phonograph being slowly hand-cranked while in other instances it is crisp with just a touch of lo-fi aesthetic. Regardless of the textures presented, the narrative sticks with the listener. Listener Depleted is a fantastic album that tells a deliberately unclear story that one can fill in the gaps with their own pieces of narrative to tell the story they want to hear.


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