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Before I start, let me just say that I am honestly not the biggest fan of remix albums. So when I was introduced to Leifendeth’s Distorted Remixes, I was a bit apprehensive but I gave it a shot anyway. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles and the artists who supplied remixes for this album. In fact, this album is spectacularly compiled and the production on each track is top-notch.

The album is not purely ambient or experimental. In fact, a good bit of it is not either of those things. But the more experimental contributions of artists Armageddon Speaking, Melodywhore, Sapphira Vee, and Baying Ridges juxtapose incredibly well with the contributions of artists that include The Fair Attempts, Wraithwalker, Upon Eventual Collapse, and Flamingo Jones. Throughout the album, we’re given a little bit of industrial rock, synthwave, ambient, downtempo, and even a surprising but well-placed house-oriented track.

Naturally, I gravitated towards the more experimental tracks on this album. Armageddon Speaking’s remix of Unchanged was a particularly powerful one with its odd pinging and panning synths combined with a heavily effected vocal sample. Dead Signal as remixed by Baying Ridges was another track that particularly stuck with me and its dark and unsettling atmosphere brought to life by discordant harmonies and dizzying keys. However, I was also pleasantly surprised by the other less experimental tracks on this album.

Among these less experimental (but definitely not conventional) tracks, is the opener by The Fair Attempts: a powerful industrial rock remix of the track Lost Future that grinds on but breaks down in the middle into a spooky and almost ambient moment before picking right back up seamlessly. Wraithwalker gives us a fantastic dark synthwave remix of Stealth Killer that is reminiscent of a major boss battle on the original NES and Kizunaut gives a synthwave remix of Lost Future that is top-notch 80s sci-fi action thriller gold. Similarly, Flamingo Jones provides a markedly bouncy synthwave rework of Troubled Times that has one the best melodies I’ve heard in a while. But the track that surprised me the most (in terms of how much I enjoyed it) was Rat Riley’s remix of In the Lab. An intriguing amount of clever synth work stacked on top of a deep house-oriented beat, I felt like this one should have been the one that doesn’t fit but it worked quite well with the rest of the album.

Leifendeath’s Distorted Remixes seems like something that might just be another average remix album at first. But the best strength of this album is the amazing variety of artists and styles on this album. You can literally travel across multiple spheres of underground music scenes in roughly an hour. Even if you aren’t into all these different types of electronic music, there’s still going to be at least one that resonates with you and Leifendeath collected some of the best examples for this album.


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The Fair Attempts

Rat Riley


Upon Eventual Collapse

Armageddon Speaking


Sapphirra Vee

Flamingo Jones

Baying Ridges


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