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Updated: Jan 19, 2021


Visions is the latest album from Leaving Richmond, a project by Los Angeles producer Jordan Pier. On this album, Pier combines a variety of techniques, instruments, and musical styles to create an album that is somewhere in between ambient, post-rock, and downtempo electronic in a tightly produced package of tracks. Each track takes on its own atmosphere, but each never seems to clash with another, but rather create a flow that feels like different scenes of a movie playing out as the album goes on.

One of my personal favorites on this album is the track Washing Over Us. This track utilizes an intricate rhythm comprised of light percussion, soaring pads, and a well-placed guitar to create a feeling of standing on a beach in the late fall and watching the waves come ashore and subsequently be pulled back into the ocean. It is both serene and inspiring.

While Pier is fond of including well-crafted guitar pieces in his songs, he does not rely solely on his guitar to make his tracks come together effectively. In fact, the album actually opens up with the guitar-absent You Must Break Yourself; a track that relies on a complex rhythm that at times resembles a breakbeat style rhythm with crisp, percussive elements. This rhythm combines with a smooth, thick pad and a lead synth that almost resembles a wind chime of some sort to effectively create a cinematic vibe.

All in all, Visions is an album in search of a movie to accompany. The flowing pads, the spaced guitars, and the crafted percussion that specifically avoids falling into any pop music tropes; all of this combines beautifully to create a wonderful theatrical atmosphere. Each track is well composed and produced with a fine layer of polish on each. If you are looking for a fine collection of songs for the big or small screen, Visions is definitely one to hear.


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