Kilometere Club - Lost Signal


If there is one particular theme that I have always loved hearing in ambient music, it is that of the vastness of space. It almost seems to be a natural fit for this and other experimental varieties of music and often results in a fantastic experience. So when I found this album in my inbox, I was immediately interested in what was going on here. Thankfully, this one did not disappoint.

Kilometere Club is a Toronto-based ambient and electronic artist that appears to cover a variety of themes in his music, space just being one of them. With most space-faring ambient music, I usually expect it to be heavy on the ethereal pads, which we do get here but interspersed with a variety of other techniques. "Drifting Through" is a great example of the more pure ambient side of things with long flowing pads in a seemingly never-ending space that beautifully carry on in no particular direction. However, we also get tracks such as "It's Lonely Out in Space On Such a Timeless Flight" which incorporate calm but still delightfully glitchy percussion along with a spaced-out guitar line alongside the same drifting pads. This mood is later repeated in "The Shortest Route to the End of the Galaxy" with a less glitchy and more subdued downtempo vibe.

Along with this assortment of techniques, Kilometere Club utilizes some interesting transition tracks at the beginning, middle, and end of the album. These tracks prominently feature a computerized voice sending what sound like distress signals to seemingly no one. Repeated SOS messages that give a sad tone to an album that is otherwise filled with wonder and mystery all the way up until its somber end with "Life Support System Total Failure," which features this same cold computerized voice.

Among the many other space-themed concept albums in this genre, Lost Signal may not necessarily be an incredibly novel or groundbreaking addition. However, the atmospheres, textures, melodies, and solemn story behind it make for a well-crafted album. An album that is capable of embodying the spirit of games such as No Man's Sky and Adrift at the same time.


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