Kiko Kaid - Saltwater / Nightstalker


Kiko Kaid is an atmospheric, experimental Hip-Hop influenced project from the Forest Kids Collective; a musical universe with many different experimental projects under its vast umbrella. Today sees the release of their newest collection Saltwater / Nightstalker. Centered around two original works, "Saltwater" and "Nightstalker", the release offers a unique collection of remixes and derivative works centered around the two main compositions. The arrangements are handled by some talented personnel who are involved: Be Careful, Vivi Vulture, My Sister's Fugazi Shirt, Noex Beats, Malcolm From the North, Interactive Co., Lazuli Yellow, Sami Rahman, Aura Lynd, and Danni Holmes. "Saltwater" is filled with dense, rich vocal harmonies, smooth and warm guitar passages, and synth arrangements that are full and organic. It's full of atmosphere, yet remains down to earth with its Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop sensibilities. The "Vivi Vulture Remix" has a more broad and busy arrangement, displaying a more creative and imaginative use of synthesizers and a strong dynamic between the male and female vocals (performed by Sami Rahman). "My Sister's Fugazi Shirt Remix", which features Aura Lynd on vocals, has a Chillout, Downtempo framework where the percussion moves in half-time. While preserving many of the nuances and sensibilities of the original arrangement, it offers a more ethereal glimpse into the creative mind of Kiko Kaid. The "Taki Brano Remix" continues in that same ethereal and atmospheric manner, while the beat takes on a more distinctly Hip-Hop approach with its stronger emphasis on percussive syncopation and a wide and heavy bass. Things get more Funk driven with the "Malcolm From the North Remix" with a heavier, bass driven pattern complimented by Jazz-Fusion themed synthesizers and keyboard styles that swirl throughout. The more atmospheric, lush, spacy vibes make a strong return on the "Interactive Co. Remix" which is nicely Downtempo in approach and style. The "Noex Beats Remix" picks it back up with some Hip-Hop/Electro infused beats, a more busy bass line with a low-key yet driving groove, and a Saxophone pattern to carry the more avant-garde melody infused throughout. Finally, the "Be Careful Remix" has a more melancholy, mellow, and pensive approach, delivering the work with distinctly Smooth Jazz/R&B style that closes the album nicely. "Nightstalker" featuring the vocal talents of Danni Holmes, has a smoother arrangement and a more melodic, modal approach in its framework. The result is a more easy-going, chill, and relaxing work than "Saltwater". The "Lazuli_yellow Remix" is very dense in reverberated ambiance, going deeper down the Chillout, ethereal path. The beat has a metallic sound which at times is a bit jarring, but it fits nicely with the spacy synthesizer textures and haunting patches that give the piece its breathy quality. "The Malcolm From the North Remix" carries in the same Downtempo, Chillout vein, but has a heavier groove in the bass and beat. The vocal line delivered by Danni Holmes is executed in a reserved yet wonderfully fitting fashion to compliment the lush textures. I highly recommend checking out Saltwater / Nightstalker. It's a creative, inspiring, and thought stimulating release which demonstrates the remarkable versatility within the universe of the Forest Kids Collective while showcasing the talents of the collaborators who are involved within the project.


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