Kh3rtis - Ngoc Ha Noises


Released in early September, Ngoc Ha Noises is Hanoi based electronic artist Kh3rtis' third EP to date. Describing his music as an exploration of the cosmos, this EP does not disappoint. In four tracks, Kh3rtis gives a pleasant journey through earth, space, and sound that starts of wonderfully with the album opener, Odica.

From the very first track, the listener is treated to a wonderful variety of eclectic percussion that includes sounds akin to a vibraslap and a door creaking open quickly. This quickly becomes a theme throughout the EP with other tracks including From the Horizon which provides a range of unconventional percussion providing complex rhythms. It is difficult to determine what kind of percussive instruments Kh3rtis is employing in these compositions, however, they provide the perfect atmosphere that supports the harmonic and melodious aspects of each track.

When not starting with an ear-catching rhythm, the listener is given a series of textural oddities that give a sense of wonder and curiosity. This is the theme of both Upon Re-Entry and Jungle Jam. These two tracks perfectly encapsulate their titles with Upon Re-Entry being a true standout. This track opens with a very faint rumbling that quickly grows louder, eventually giving way to a harmony that sounds as though the universe itself is playing a heartfelt cello piece. Jungle Jam provides a similar atmosphere, although this track is significantly more grounded with its opening that sounds like a tropical storm which eventually gives way to a vocal that sets off a slightly haunting melody.

Ngoc Ha Noises is an EP that wonderfully switches back and forth between a sense of slight tension and peacefully floating through all of existence. Kh3rtis expertly creates this dynamic through a combination of complex percussion and spacey synths and guitars. What’s more, the entire album seems so effortless and skillfully lulls the listener into an exploration of sound and texture.


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