Kh3rtis - Icarus

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


A final send-off for 2020, Kh3tis’ single “Icarus” is a slow and dreamy track that calls to mind a certain psychedelic quality that reminds me of the old psytrance of years ago. Granted, it is a much slower pace. But the same vibe is still very present, with a theme of expanding consciousness and crossing into a new plane of existence.

The track opens with a slow pace that is reminiscent of an airy ambient track but begins to morph into something different quite quickly. Soon enough, we are met with a variety of sounds including the same subdued pads we were introduced to now joined by a strange oscillating sound that that slowly rises along with the introduction of the percussion. What is especially enjoyable about the track is the midpoint in which we are given a vocal sample that explains the themes of the track in terms that Terrence McKenna himself would have used. For those that are interested, there is also a second version included that does not have the vocal sample, but I personally feel that the track loses quite a bit with it.

For a final track of the year, Icarus is the perfect end. Rather than reflect on the hardships of the year, it looks forward with hope. Hope that the world can be a better place and life become better than it was.


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