Hugo Lioret - Chronotropism


Hugo Lioret is a sound artist from Paris, France. Inspired by many facets of nature. He incorporates field recordings, synthesizers, and the non-conventional use of the human voice into his unique style of composition. Having previously released a single track, 1.10.2020, Hugo has buckled down, increased his experimentation, and gone beyond the horizons to emerge with his proper debut full-length release: Chronotropism.

Released on December 11, 2020, through Beached Records, Chronotropism had me impressed from its very first listen. After a few repeat listens, I found myself further appreciating the ingenious and creative sound collages that Hugo has composed throughout. From the gritty and harsh "Dust Breeding" to the more idyllic and dream-like "Survivance", each composition is perfectly designed to take the listener to another place - an altered state of awareness that can leave one mildly intrigued or incredibly mind-blown. "Invasive Superposition" is my favorite composition on the album, which displays a beautiful sonic blend of the earthy and the atmospheric elements Hugo implements into his sound. One can hear the sonic layering on each track with pristine clarity. Yet it all blends together in one cohesive manner so that none of it sounds disjointed or disconnected.

Stylistically, his works tread into avant-garde territory; they remind me of the Musique Concrete genre that composers such as Edgar Varese have pioneered earlier in the Twentieth Century while putting forth a more contemporary, modernist form of sound expression. I also heard a few modal music elements that brought to mind Eastern music from many backgrounds and varieties, particularly in the lush yet haunting vocal chants throughout. Although it's definitely not a "melodic" music release, it has many memorable motifs, themes, and passages of sound that would work really well in a documentary film or a TV show, in my opinion. Hugo Lioret's Chronotropism, is a well thought, carefully crafted compendium of works that depict the universe from here and beyond. Some of it sounds very organic and earthy. Some of it is more ethereal and otherworldly without coming cross too Sci-Fi or cartoonish in any way. Overall, listening to this release is well worth it if you're looking for music that goes beyond predictable, humdrum, tried-and-tired mainstream sounds. I assure you that if you're looking for something different while meditating, reading, relaxing, or exploring nature, Chronotropism will leave you in for a real treat.


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