Gustavo Costa & Antonio Costa Monteiro - Luminosa Esfera

Released: May 7

This is yet another delightful experience from the UK's well-curated Steep Gloss label. In this offering, these masters of their craft have given us a multidimensional space to explore. They have done a careful job of combining sounds in interesting ways, so that they sparkle, shimmer, then almost shine too brightly before winking away. There is a lovely marriage of the metallic and percussive echoes complemented by the swirling and hazy, yet confident organ. Each idea comes and presents itself fully before being ushered along by the next.

I highly recommend repeated listenings with different headphones or sets of speakers if at all possible. Also, if you aren't already familiar with both artists, I would urge you to look them both up, to give you a deeper context for what's going on in their collaboration.

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