Embryonic – Into the Space of Tomorrow


Experimental Synthwave project Embryonic, based in Quebec, Canada, incorporates a unique style of music which captures the essence of 80’s music quite well. Drawing from a diverse palate of styles such as New Wave, Ambient, Krautrock, 80's Film Scores, and with a slight hint of Hard Rock as occasionally made evident by the guitar sound, Embryonic delivers music that is both suitable for listeners of classic music and more contemporary subgenres. In March of 2021, Into the Space of Tomorrow was released, picking up from where their previous work, Terra Navigation Protocol, left off. The results are once again delightful

While the album stylistically seems as if it’s on a similar path in terms of melodic passages, sonic depth, and mood, it doesn’t fall into tedium or monotony for one moment. Each track will suck the listener into an adventurous audio sensory experience, leaving plenty of room for one’s imagination to envision vivid images of an alternate reality. The production throughout is wonderfully executed; it doesn’t sound too modern or trendy, yet the technically pristine mix does the music plenty of justice. The musicianship itself is impressive without coming across as overbearing. There is no self-indulgent noodling, nor is there a grand display of musical gymnastics. Each instrument is well-placed with an arrangement that has a focused and clear direction. As a result, each work has it's own distinct character which is complimented by - rather than convoluted by - the musicianship.

Highlights, for me, include “The Sea of Antares”, “A Walk Into the Abyss”, “Frozen Tears in a Northern Wind”, and “The Lonely Orb of Night”, which is my favorite track on the album and, possibly, my favorite work that Embryonic has released so far. I hear plenty of influences from 80’s movie Adventure and Fantasy soundtracks such as Legend and Blade Runner throughout, but don’t let that allow you to think that it’s all there is to the music. The rich texture and atmosphere holds up very well and doesn’t fall into the pits of sounding dated or irrelevant one bit.

If you're in the mood for some interesting Sci-Fi influenced music, take a listen to Embryonic’s new release, Into the Space of Tomorrow. Step outside your mundane, everyday listening experience, and take a ride into the ethereal side of your mind. The music on this release just may allow your imagination to explore and transcend new dimensions of your reality that you may have not yet experienced yet.


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