Elizabeth Crompton - Same Thing Still

Same Thing Still opens with a mournful, slightly warped piano motif which serves as a base for the hushed vocals of Manchester artist, Elizabeth Crompton. Soft synths join the piano and the combined effect makes the music feel like it might have been found on an old LP in a dusty room. On both tracks, the vocals address life and death - there is a sense of looking for hope when time is cut short, reflected in the off-kilter melancholy of the music.

When life is done

I hope that though our body's gone

Our soul is here

Through all of those who still live on

As the world drowns in excellent ambient music, it is refreshing to have folks pushing the genre in interesting directions, particularly where vocals take on as much of a textural element as any other instrument. And with the market saturated, presentation is increasingly important and done excellently here. There may still be a few copies left of the limited edition cassette on Bandcamp, which is beautifully packaged with a lyric booklet, photography, and additional poetry which touches on similar themes. Perhpas one day these words will also be set to the sound of dusty synths and wonky piano?

Small, but perfectly formed.


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