Dohnavùr - The Flow Across Borders

With a handful of excellent releases already under their collective belts, this latest effort finds Dohnavùr sounding confident and playful. Segueing from filthy bass on Sestriere into wistful downtemp on The Kindness Of Others, there's an ebb and flow to the album which harks back to the IDM heyday of the 90s.

Sunk is a personal highlight - thundering breakbeats offset against deceptively gentle synths give way to a glow stick synth line which is begging me to get out of my chair and dance. I've been shying away from comparing it to Orbital, but I see the Bandcamp desciption already did, so... it really sounds like Orbital, particularly 2012's Wonky, where that cerebral dancefloor sensibility took notes from the sounds which came after it. There's a maximalism to tracks like Sunk and Twenty There which fills them with energy while still somehow leaving a bit of space in the mix - precise, but bundles of fun. Dohnavùr know when to dial up the complexity and when to let a two-note synth line do its thing.

Released on the stellar Castles In Space label, Dohnavùr sound very much at home among the other subterranean luminaries of our underground electronica scene. I look forward to seeing where they go from here...

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Castles In Space

Werra Foxma

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