Dimitris Korontzis - Fear

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Dimitris Korontzis is a multi-talented guitarist from Athens, Greece. Throughout his career, he has recorded a plethora of albums blending multiple genres of music; he's incorporated Jazz Fusion, Prog, Ambient, Electronic music, and Cinematic music reminiscent of dramatic movie scores.

On his newest release, Fear, Dimitris incorporates a little bit of all of such musical elements into the album...except with a darker, creepier touch of horror and suspense. Released on October 29th, 2020, Fear contains many outstanding moments of guitar brilliance which demonstrate tasteful technique, impeccable note placement, and a clever use of modal tonal centers. Each composition showcases Dimitris's technical prowess while avoiding any irrelevant, self-indulgent tangents. The opening title track, "Fear", features a tremolo saturated guitar backdrop over a sparse, nicely articulated delay rhythmic pattern. Musically, it's set in a minor meets modal key, with a suspenseful yet poignant quality. I hear subtle influences from Western themed Horror film underscores from films such as John Carpenter's Vampires and From Dusk 'Till Dawn. Things get a bit darker on "Virus Selfie", which appears to be a short, transitory piece rather than a main focal point of the release; the guitars are used in an experimental manner with a clever implementation of effects to provide a haunting texture. "Machine Man" opens up with a creepy, pizzicato style guitar pattern that recalls the shower scene of Psycho before distorted, reverberated guitars swell up into a climactic crescendo that may induce anxiety and dread within the listener.

As we move towards the second half of the release, we see Dimitris's talents come full circle. "Silent Eyes" opens up with a triplet feel similar in style to how a harpsichord would be played. Set in a melodic, haunting, minor key pattern, the smoothly articulated clean guitar pattern is reminiscent of something one would hear in a Gothic Horror movie or TV series of the past or present. Finally, the album closes with "Frozen', which takes the album to a nice conclusion. A melancholy trumpet pattern enters on top of a textured landscape of clean guitars - a simple yet effective minor key arrangement saturated in chorus and reverb with occasional waves of tremolo dampening the sound at points. It gives the release an ending credits feel, leaving a sense of closure while wondering what may happen next.

The newest release by Dimitris Korontzis, Fear, is a wonderfully crafted, Horror cinema tinged, Ambient guitar album. I recommend it for any passionate listener of music who may enjoy hearing an album of some talented guitar work that goes beyond generic, one-dimensional parameters of style and composition.


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