Cyparissus - misremember


There is a space somewhere between music and noise that most artists veer to one side of. Perhaps they are more musical or they closer to noise, or they go in the most extreme of directions. However, there are some that seem to occupy the space between so perfectly that the result is mysterious and intriguing. This is the space that Cyparissus’ album misremember occupies.

Released at the very beginning of 2021 through No Thank You Recordings, misremember is a strange sonic journey that possesses a strangely hypnotic quality. Consisting of only two 17-minute-long tracks, this aural experience is not quite ambient but also not harsh noise. The extremely subdued harmonies swell in and out under a sky of reverberated clicking that sounds like quarters being dropped in a large glass jar covered in ice. The reverberations morph and shift subtly, just enough to be noticed by the undistracted ear, to create an immersive experience for those that will take the time to enjoy it.

While not exactly musical, the atmosphere that Cyparissus creates is strangely addictive. The textures are complex and soothing, despite consisting of mostly percussive sounds and the harmonic content provides a subdued accompaniment to the sonic environment created. I would strongly advise listening to this one in low lighting with headphones and a bit of great reading.


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