Crossing Bridges; Violet A. Foster - The Backrooms OST


The Forest Kids Collective is a vast music universe of 27 different projects created by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based musician Paul G. Marchesani. What's most interesting about the Forest Kids Collective is that each album released under each different project alias is different and unique in its own way. The brand new offering, The Backrooms OST, which is released under the moniker Crossing Bridges; Violet A. Foster, delivers a hypnotic and somnambulate Ambient listening experience. Devoid of any rhythms, percussive beats, or predictable patterns, The Backrooms OST is comprised of 12 tracks which portray a diverse array of textures and moods based upon the timbre of the synthesizers being used as well as the tonality of each chordal arrangement presented. Much of the album's general timbre lies in the lower-to-mid frequency range, so there's a darker and slightly more pensive sentiment as opposed to a relaxing, ethereal vibe that's present on many Ambient releases. While I would be hesitant to call it a "Dark Ambient" album (it's not a very "harsh", "scary", or "blatantly grotesque" album), there are many moments of tension and sonic intensity that metaphorically blur the lines between fantasy and reality throughout. "Lost in a Labyrinth of Halls and Doorways" opens the album with a strange yet sentimental warm synth tone - set in a major key - as if one has just entered awareness in the dream stage. "Sleeping in Vending Machines" is one of the more wonderfully unnerving pieces on the release. Although only a mere fifty seconds in length, its mildly dissonant nature comes in and out like a short nightmare that one can nonetheless remember for weeks without end. "Lighters" is another highlight that portrays an ominous vibe throughout; I found the reverberated and slightly distorted drone - one set in a distinctly minor key - to be reminiscent of a climactic scene in an 80's vampire movie. "Level 1205.1" is another highlight that comes in more smoothly, bringing to mind a dark red sunrise appearing over the ocean on a barren shore. It's warm synth pad and rich, low-end density bring the piece into melancholy territory, as if it portrays a mirage of sadness or regret. "Waterworld 43" is yet another beautifully crafted track. While being the most melodic and brightest in its tonality, it still carries a delightfully mesmerizing vibe akin to a reminder that the pleasant dream is on its way to coming to an end. There are several more compositions on The Backrooms OST which are equally as interesting and intriguing as all that I've previously mentioned. That said, I won't spoil it for you. The album will have you drifting away onto a peculiar journey into the darker corners of your mind and out to the other side - perhaps into a state of serenity. I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the mood for an Ambient album that's not too "dark" but something that's not too blatantly calm or on the brighter side of atmospheric.


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