Cpektir & Survey Channel - Myriagon Atlas

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Early in September of this year, two electronic artists released a collaborative album by the name of Myriagon Atlas. This strange and esoteric-sounding name is exceptionally fitting for the music contained within. Listening through its entire runtime, I was blown away by the collection of textures that appear at various points throughout the album. Warbling pads, sparse and intermittent percussion with a bit of distortion but strangely no bite, and a pervading sense that the entire album was created in a bioluminescent cloud created one of the most relaxing and brain feeding musical experiences that one can find.

Opening up with a short interlude of a track titled Off World Power Lines, the album quickly introduces you to the slightly distorted and reverberated percussion that is found throughout the track and by the end of the second track, Sinepuxent I was already aware of what sonic treats for pads I was in for. Cool, spacey pads that evolve and shift gently over the course of each track create an atmosphere that can lull you into a sense of calming stimulation.

One of the great standout moments of the album comes right around the middle with the interlude Hidden Repair Club and its lead-in to What We Found on Mansel Island. The wide spacey pads of this interlude quickly fade and give way to a crisp but subdued percussive rhythm of the full track. This percussive rhythm is something of a lie though as it is slowly replaced by a filtered percussive sound that quickly takes a backseat to a mysterious, if not slightly haunting, piano-esque melody. This melody is what drives the track for the rest of its run time as the filtered percussion continues to click on. In the end, the track fades with only the ebb of a gentle bass sound making for a fitting end to a mysterious song.

Myriagon Atlas is a wonderful work that combines elements of downtempo electronica and the wave of lo-fi hip-hop that pervades the music of YouTube and Spotify currently. But instead of just imitating these two genres, Cpektir and Survey Channel combine them effectively into something new and unique. While you could definitely study with this in the background, you may occasionally find yourself distracted by getting lost in the beautiful haze of this album.


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