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I don’t know if you are like me, but I get annoyed by the little things. I sometimes get so pissed off by these little things that they often have the power or influence to ruin a pretty good day for me.

Things like: people (usually men) openly miming a golf swing in broad day light is one. Openly and arrogantly miming a bloody swing to the awe of their meek mates, Alpha Gary and Alpha Bob. Also, the inability of some folk to shut a microwave door. Having the ability to stink out an entire room cos they were cooking their terror hawk eggs, leaving a stench to linger and set up camp in everyone else’s tender nose holes. And finally, the wearing of crocs, at any time. This is a small example of the sort of things that can drive me mental. And while I know I need to be more tolerant, more mindful or even more monk, sometimes I just can’t be fuckin arsed. That all takes far, far, too long. What I require is a trick, a cheat sheet, a secret code, a hack to a place where my mind can be gleeful again. A world where I can rejoice in the fact that my average run of the mill Wednesday morning hasn’t been ruined by some clown in crocs thinkin he is Seve fuckin Ballesteros. This album is one such shortcut to joy, a lovely cardigan of safe warmth for my eyes, blinkers that shield me from the fast approaching Bobs and Garys of this world.

“Distant Dreams’’ is a ten track album produced by Coodysan, it is aptly named as it does induce hazy feelings of another time, not only nostalgic but also forward looking, glancing to an unknown future. The first thing that caught my ear about this album is the feeling of hope, there is real hope in these songs but thankfully not the corny "everything is great'' hope. This is mainly due to the fact that the positive nature of these tracks is often seasoned with a little sadness and it is this cleverness, this mix of emotions that allows these tracks to stand out from the often monochrome, miserabilist nature of the beats expelled from the bowels of the Chillhop/ Lofi scene.

Take a track like “Cruisin in the rain’’, it really is a wonderful song, it is one of those songs where it feels like not a lot happens but it is just so pleasing to listen to. In reality there is a lot going on here and each further listen reveals little tricks of percussion and sneaky subtle melodies that you may have missed the first time around.

“Sunlight” is also ace and has that little melancholy feel that I mentioned earlier, the main guitar melody is gorgeous and you could imagine it being sung by an aging balladeer to a life or a love that they yearned for, a memory they wished to reclaim and never let go. The guitar is skilfully backed by lush but tasteful instrumentation, which easily holds its own but also allows the guitar to shine and draw the listener in, like a ship lost at sea becoming bewitched by the hopeful glimmer of a welcoming, warmly lit, sun soaked cove.

The album as a whole runs at under 25 mins and whilst it leaves you wanting more, perhaps that’s the perfect way to feel at the end of any album. As for you, what I recommend is that you do something nice for yourself today. Grab a big pair of headphones, stick this album on, turn it up and wherever you are in the world, just try and forget about everything. Forget for just a wee while, and let yourself drift into a distant world of hope, it works for me and I’m sure it’ll work for you too, pc. Cheek oot the album here


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