Carbon Fields - Petrichor


This album is just what we need as we transition from the loud heat of summer into the pensive crisp air of the fall. Or maybe I'm just feeling the equinox extra hard today after seeing the surprisingly large moon out last night? Either way, for me, the most prominent feature of this album is the careful laying together of instrumentation with other various sound sources. This juxtaposition really fits the title of the album, which refers to the smell of wet earth when it rains; the disparate elements of dirt and water become something much more when combined.

On this record, intensity naturally emerges from this blending of elements, rather than from a single cranked up instrument or voice. Moreover, Carbon Fields really leans into the fact that the tracks are built from disparate elements by combining the transparent recordings of some instruments, like the drums and upright bass, with other signals coming in manipulated and layered in thick washes. This preserves a fresh, live feel while also conveying precision, intention, and restraint.

Overall, after multiple listens, this album stands out to me as one that I will be revisiting regularly. I'd recommend this album to anyone who likes Bohren und der Club of Gore, Shigeto, or Xploding Plastix.

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