Burial Grid - We've Come for Your Flesh


Released late last month, We’ve Come for Your Flesh is Massachusetts-based artist Burial Grid’s (a.k.a. Adam Kozak) third full-length album and an excellent follow-up to last year’s Negative Space. With this album, Adam builds on the dark analog synth-driven compositions he is known for and adds to them a variety of new techniques that help to create a truly haunting experience. Not just a haunting experience, but one that is reflective of the deep personal turmoil that was experienced by its creator of the course of the year it was created.

Something that really stands out about this album is the emotional tone that it strikes. If his previous works were any indication, Burial Grid is about the more macabre side of life. However, in this album, the genuine emotional turmoil of loss personally experienced by Adam shines through constantly. Tracks such as “I’ll Cherish Your Skull” and “Nothing in the Dark” bring out a sense of sad sentimentality that combines with his signature style in a way that is truly moving while still incredibly haunting. The former sounds as though it is a slow and somewhat tortured meditation on loss and grieving while the latter seems to point towards the distress, or possibly joy, of there being nothing out there, in the dark, or anywhere else.

As mentioned before, this album is also distinguished from his previous work by the newfound techniques incorporated, including the addition of much more percussion compared to previous works. However, the most interesting of these new techniques is the use of vocoded vocals that appear on tracks such as “Bhoot” and “Voluntary Ending of Eating and Drinking.” While the use of such a technique may seem like it would be cheesy, it is here masterfully utilized to add a downright demonic atmosphere to the already haunting compositions with lyrics that distortedly ring out with phrases such as “tracheotomy time” and “you know it’s over.”

We’ve Come for Your Flesh is an experience to be had. It will take through many different emotions and feelings. Just be very aware though, none of those feeling will resemble happiness.


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