Blacklight Ghost & Willebrant - Dust


Strange and haunting, this new collaborative effort between Melbourne-based ambient artist and experimental duo Blacklight Ghost is an ethereal journey through textures and light soundscapes that conjure up otherworldly images. It is difficult to tell where exactly each artist's influence begins and ends, but the deep pads that WIllebrant is known for in his music are everpresent while being accompanied by all manner of semi-melodic instrumentation including airy guitars, pianos, and strings.

The pace of the album is slow and ruminative. The idea behind it is to give the listener a view of worlds that are purely imaginative. Strange worlds that are evocative of the unreal places you may find in space exploration games and times that exist beyond what the normal conception of time entails. These views are long, almost as if each track is passing over a different world while looking down at the surface, taking in every detail that is perceptible to the human eye. This theme comes on strong from the very first track, "Central," filled with deep pads and an airy guitar that noodles along lightly with the rises and falls of each pad in an oeuvre of wonder and hopefulness.

Much of the album has this tone of wonder about it, however, there is a slight turn towards darker themes near the end. "Return" gives us a sound of something slightly more somber, though it never fully lets go of the light tone the album conveys throughout. The next track, "Azimuth," delves deeper into the dark with a heavy and vibrating drone that overtakes much of the track but leaves just enough room at the right moments for those soft little sounds that continue to persist.

Dust is not exactly what I would consider a cheerful or happy album, but it also makes sure to avoid being a gloomy patch of sonic darkness. It cleverly avoids either extreme to give a sonic palate that is up to the listener to emotionally decipher or project their own feelings upon. It doesn't try to tell you how to feel, it lets you feel however you really want to about it. What I would recommend is that you make a cup of hot tea however you like to take it, sit back, sip, listen, and partake in the imaginative flights of fiction the creators present over the course of six tracks.


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