Bargain Noise - A Ghastly Effulgence

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Experimental noise artist Bargain noise released a track in mid-June of this year that may as well have been a Halloween track. Titled “A Ghastly Effulgence,” this track evokes a sense of nervous and tense mystery that unravels over an epic nearly fourteen minutes. Running the length of a short EP, this single manages to keep the listener engaged through its constant evolution and gradual build-up.

A series of drones that support all manner of distorted bleeps and higher-pitched tones, this track takes you on a spooky journey that could easily be the soundtrack for a science fiction/horror game. The entire track is reminiscent of a world in which Outlast and Dead Space blend together and the constant feeling of unease hangs over the entire runtime. This unease culminates in massive swelling of droning noise near the end that then gives way to a slow fading out that sets the track up perfectly for a constant loop. If you were at a loss for what to play outside your door while kids come to your door looking for candy, look no further.


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