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Updated: Apr 22


With the abundance of underground artists in the Electronic music genre, it's easier to find producers that offer more out-of-the-box creativity and musical variety than ever. Artemis's Arrow, based in Wyoming, North America, fits the aforementioned description quite well through her tastefully eccentric musical output. Since 2020, she has released 6 EPs and 5 full-length albums as well as an abundance of singles as portrayed on Bandcamp. Blending elements of Electronica, Chillout, Lo-Fi, and Hip-Hop, the diversity of mood and musical parameters have seemingly evolved through each release, showcasing growth as a musician and recording artist.

Artemis's Arrow goes deeper into her personal experiences on her latest offering, INCARNADINE, and as a listener, it struck a nerve with me. Described as "a glimpse into what it's like to live with Borderline Personality Disorder and still be happy", INCARNADINE doesn't hold back or sugarcoat one bit on this versatile collection which depicts a balance between gritty beats, atmospheric synth textures, and cathartic emotional purging through her lyrical output. Opening track "The Mirror Lies" starts with a Hip-Hop influenced groove which takes the listener into a peculiar, and alluring ambiance before being suddenly thrust into the darkness without relent. Next, we have "The Mirror Speaks" which takes the listener further into uncharted territory, leaving a sense of wonder and intrigue. Haunting, lush, ambient vocals, tribal percussion, and abstract, semi-tonal melodies are blended together well so that the arrangement doesn't get bogged down or drag. "Cuts" is a distinctly Synthwave influenced track that sounds as if it can be an opener or interlude for an action or sci-fi based video game. Although the bass isn't as prominent in this one, the saw-based synthesizers are enough to carry the rhythm and melody with enough edge. As "Technicolor Fairytale" (feat. Ooccult) comes in, the listener is slowly dragged into more psychedelic tinged Electronica territory. The quirky vocals and lyrics are delivered just enough to leave the listener a sense of surprise without losing its alluring charisma. As we near the middle of the album, "Seek Not" is a short, Downtempo number. A cacophony of voices, panned on both sides, invoke chaotic state within the listener while the driving, bass heavy beat and ethereal synth arrangements keep it all together, providing a silver lining behind the black cloud. "Jealousy" (feat. Rex Khan) comes in. This Hip-Hop inspired spoken word, beat driven track focuses less on tonality. Aside from a section where the beat drops out and whispery layered vocals enter the picture, this track focuses more on the call and response nature between the persons delivering the narrative within. "Da Da Da" enters next. Eerie layered vocals reminiscent of supernatural Horror movies comprise the entirety of this short number, which serves as a transitory movement into the next track, "And" (feat. Limbo Joe). The spoken words delivered in this Downtempo track depict the culmination of the pure, direct, uncompromising dark emotions that drive the nature of the album. "Brodgar" (feat Ooccult) darkens things up even more with its harsher beats, percussive mallets, atonal synth arrangements, and dynamics that build up more gradually throughout. It evokes turbulence, peculiarity, and uneasiness in such a way that I highly enjoy it. Finally, closing track "Traitor" (feat. Asher Saiz) ends the album on a more melodic, melancholy note which depicts sincere, heartfelt, raw emotion. Although it seemingly ends on a somber note, I was reminded that it's perfectly ok to have struggles - to have bad days - to be aware that one doesn't have to be happy all of the time just to fit the approval of others. In summary, Artemis's Arrow's latest release, INCARNADINE, is a bold, well-crafted, versatile recording that I hope inspires other listeners who encounter it. I recommend it if you enjoy non-mainstream, ethereal Electronic music with thought-provoking, emotion invoking sensibilities that take you through light, darkness, and back.


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