Andrew Heath - Quiet Noise

This is a warm, welcoming, yet challenging album. Quiet Noise by Andrew Heath has patient piano, guitar, cello, and other traditional instrumentation, while prominently featuring soft, steady, ambient drones, field recordings, and other found sounds. Heath's sensibility for song is consistent throughout, as each composition has a very natural ebb and flow. However, repeated plays will reward careful listeners with little nuggets and subtleties that unfold over time.

I'm particularly attracted to the tasteful use of mellow pads that still crackle and show vulnerability rather than what could so easily be over-produced into overwhelming sonic monoliths. The sound is very full, but never without purpose. Moreover, Heath is not afraid to take a left turn where we expect a right, and put the focus on textures that one might not usually expect to sit so well together.

There is a clarity and honesty that I find really refreshing on this record. For me, the song Found is what pulled everything together most effectively, particularly after hearing the tracks that came before it. This is easily one of my favorite releases so far this year.

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