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Do you remember when black metal was one of the most prominent subgenres of metal? If your answer was "vaguely," then you are probably like most metal listeners. It was an interesting subgenre but also one that was doomed to obscurity in the end. However, there are definitely some things about it that were interesting. And Florida-based solo artist Aloysius Scrimshaw takes advantage of these elements to create genre-bending music.

On (somber music plays), the first track of this two-track EP, "Day" makes you think that you're about to hear a revival of this somewhat cringey part of metal history. However, listen a bit longer and you'll hear some weird things show up, like a harmonica about three-quarters of the way through the song as the guitar continues to thrash. The second, "Night," takes a much slower and goth-rock approach and features considerably less distortion and a sad-sounding synth. On both tracks, Aloysius takes many production notes from this era in metal as the production is low fidelity and has that definitive aesthetic of black metal.

If you were to ask me if I particularly enjoyed what I heard, I would most likely shrug. In truth, I'm not big as big on metal as I once was and black metal was never my favorite. However, I can appreciate what Aloysius is trying to do here. It is an interesting blend of modern techniques, blues, goth, and a bygone era of metal that saw bands taking pictures in abandoned basements and turning the contrast up way too high.


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