A collection of independent netlabels that distribute the music we like. On the Fringes of Sound may or may not be affiliated with any of the labels listed. Either way, they're great.

A small label based in Montevideo, Uruguay that focuses on ambient, drone, experimental, and any other kind of weird music.

An independent record label from Philadelphia that features ambient, downtempo, and trip-hop.

An eclectic label supporting independent artists. Dabbling in electronic and ambient music.

Wisconsin label with a wandering focus releasing cassettes in small runs.

A Los Angeles based experimental label that features music with a much darker tone and focuses on modular synthesis and experimental programming.

A Barcelona based label that specializes in ambient, downtempo, and cinematic music with an introspective twist.

UK-based label focusing on drone, ambient, experimental, and techno with a large catalogue of releases.

Independent record label based in Preston, UK. Specializing in experimental music from around the world.

Phoenix, AZ based label publishing and collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music. 

UK-based forward-thinking independent record label specializing in the lesser-known electronic musics.

A place for ambient/experimental/avant-garde/field recording artists to share pieces they really believe in and to which others said "no."

Diverse record label releasing a mix of electronic and ambient music while also exploring their sub-genres.

Chicago-based label which specializes in producing small-runs of music and noise.

Born in 2006 Civic Duty Records has over the course of years released only a handful of EPs and a mixtape. Now in 2020 a new era dawns and the doors are wide open.

Independent net/cassette label. Experimental noises & sounds.

Avant-garde singer-songwriters, melodic e(c)lectronic, experimental artpop, heartcore, folk jazz, trip step.

Record label seeking vaporwave, indie, experimental, and internet artists.