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Welcome to the Fringes. We're bloggers dedicated to covering independent ambient, downtempo, IDM, neoclassical, and other music that isn't mainstream. New reviews are posted every week and we love hearing from artists, labels, and readers.


Rounding the Fringes - August 25

夏休み - SUMMERHOLIDAY - 高速道路 DREAMS Released: August 6 Whether I want to admit to it or not, I am a bit of a fool for nostalgia. And this...

Rounding the Fringes - June 3

The Amazing Dr. Tentacles - Don’t Go Into the Elevator Released: May 21(?) This recent single (or maybe not so recent as its creator...

Bonzaii - Death In The Cities

Released in early April, Death In The Cities EP is the first official release from Hamburg-based artist Bonzaii on the Decaying Spheres...


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