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Welcome to the Fringes. We're bloggers dedicated to covering independent ambient, downtempo, IDM, neoclassical, and other music that isn't mainstream. New reviews are posted every week and we love hearing from artists, labels, and readers.


Rounding the Fringes - May 19

Imisu - Skydream Released: May 3 This latest release from Imisu (a project of the Forest Kids Collective, the brainchild of musician Paul...

Heavy Cloud - Memory Drift

What is memory? Well, the answer to that question can be quite vague and it is this vagueness that is the inspiration behind Heavy...

nowhere wood - sun's glaze

Released in late February, UK-based artist nowhere wood's latest single "sun's glaze" is a fantastic work of acoustic guitar-based...

solemnland - New Pangea

Solemnland, the pseudonym of ambient artist Raymond Tani, released his album New Pangea in early February during the deepest throes of...

Jermainesoul - Onerism

It was quite difficult to categorize this EP, but it also seemed like it wasn’t really necessary to do so either. Released at the tail...


“Be punk in all things. DIY. If there is no scene, make it.”

David Southern


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